Refrigeration Appliances

Is the refrigerator in your home working fine? Are food items kept in the refrigerator getting spoilt every day? Is the ice-cream melting within no time despite keeping it in the freezer? Your refrigerator might be in need of repair.

The refrigerator is an important component of the kitchen. We understand the pain of a refrigerator breakdown in everyday lives. It causes a lot of inconveniences. At Tony’s Repair Medic Appliances Services, we provide quick and professional refrigerator repair services for residential properties.

We have skilled and knowledgeable technicians who are experienced in repairing refrigerators. We know that there are several appliance repair companies in Kelowna, but we assure you none of them will extend their services with an equal amount of dedication and quality. Trust our service for quality refrigerator repair in Kelowna.

Our Process

We examine the refrigerator thoroughly to know what the problem is and whether there is a possible threat to the appliance in the near future. We offer complete repair services to ensure the device is in top working order. We extend our repair services for appliances of all brands.

Avoid further damage to the appliance by getting repair services at the right time. This not only ensures the refrigerator is functional but also helps in preventing further losses. With regular maintenance and repair services, ensure longer durability of the refrigerator.

Same-Day Repair Service

Our technicians are certified and insured to provide professional refrigerator repair services in Kelowna. We are also equipped with the latest equipment and tools to provide hassle-free repairs. We provide same-day service for our clients. However, it is dependent on the extent of damage or repair.

From dishwashers to freezers and dryers, we are known to provide efficient appliance repair services. Count on us for refrigerator repairs in Kelowna.

Contact Us Now

For quick and efficient refrigerator repair services in Kelowna, contact us now. For more details, dial at 250-826-7998 and call for in-house service! We also serve in West Kelowna and Lake Country areas.